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Bare acts > Himachal Pradesh Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Rules, 2004
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Himachal Pradesh Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Rules, 2004

1.Short title and commencement
3.Reference Standards
4.Secondary standards
5.Working standards
6.Secondary standard balances
7.Working standard balances
8.Physical characteristics, configuration, constructional details of weights and measures
9.Use of bullion weights, carat weights etc
10.Use of weights or measures or number only in certain cases
11.Licensing of manufacturers, repairers and dealers of weights and measures
12.Records to be maintained by manufacturers, etc
13.Interval for the verification of weights or measures
14.Verification and inspection of weights or measures
15.Stamping of weights or measures
16.Fee for verification and stamping
17.Collection of fees and their deposit into the Treasury
18.Disposal of seized weights, measures, etc
19.Qualifications of Inspectors
20.Provision of working standards, equipment etc. to the Inspector
21.Provisions relating to use of weights, measures etc
22.Certificate of verification to be exhibited
23.Penalty for contravention of rules
24.Form of appeal
25.Repeal and savings

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