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Bare acts > Himachal Pradesh Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Rules, 2004 > Rule 16


16. Fee for verification and stamping.- (1) Fees payable for verification and stamping of weight or measure at other than the office or camp office of the Inspector, shall be specified in scheduled-IX.

(2) If, at the request of the user of weight or measures verification is done at any premises other then the office of the Inspector an additional fee shall be charged at full rates specified in Schedule IX and the user of the weight or measure shall also pay the expenses incurred by the Inspector for visiting the premises including the cost of transporting and handling the working standard and other equipment subject to a minimum of rupees one hundred;

Provided that no additional fee shall be charged for verification and stamping in situ of:-

(a) vehicle tanks, dispensing pumps, weigh-bridges, dormant platform machines and such other weight or measure which cannot, and should not be moved from its location;

(b) weights and measures in the premises of a manufacturer or stockist of such weights and measures.

(3) If a weight or measure is presented to the Inspector for re-verification after expiry of the validity of the stamp, an additional fee at half the rates specified in Schedule IX shall be payable for every quarter of the year or part thereof.

(4) No fee shall be payable for re-stamping any weight or measure held in stock with manufacturer or dealer within the period specified in rule 13 from the date on which it was last stamped;

Provided that the original stamp was not obliterated under sub-section (3) of section 28 of the Act.

(5) A weight or measure, which on verification is found to be incorrect, shall be returned to the person concerned for adjustment informing him, in a Performa specified by the Controller, of the defects found in the weight or measure and calling upon him to remove the defects within a period not exceeding seven days. When the necessary adjustment has been carried out, such weight and measure shall be verified on payment of fifty percent of the fee specified in Schedule IX and if found correct shall be stamped.

(6) Fee payable for the grant of certified copies of any document by an Asstt. Controller, not being a document of confidential nature shall be one rupee for every 10 words of less.





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