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Bare acts > Himachal Pradesh Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Rules, 2004 > Rule 17


17. Collection of fees and their deposit into the Treasury.- (1) Before commencing the work of verification or re-verification, the Inspector shall inform the person concerned of the fees payable by him under these rules and shall receive the same and issue a receipt in the form approved by the Controller, one copy of such receipt being kept on record:

Provided that fees payable by a department of the Central or State Government under these rules may be released in such manner as may be directed by Controller.

(2) The Inspector shall maintain a register, in the form approved by the Controller, which shall be written up from day to day and shall show the amount of fees and other charges collected during the day.

All payments received by the Inspector during the week shall be deposited with the Government Treasury under the appropriate Head of Account on such date or days as may be specified by the Controller from time to time, and a receipt thereof obtained and an intimation to that effect sent to the Controller or other officer authorised by him in this behalf.





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