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Bare acts > Himachal Pradesh Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Rules, 2004 > Rule 21


21.Provisions relating to use of weights, measures etc.- (1) Every person using using a beam scale in any transaction in his premises shall suspend the same to a stand or chain by a hook:

Provided that this sub-rule shall not apply to itinerant vendors.

(2) Every weight or measure which shall be used in a clean condition and in proper lighting arrangement.

(3) Any weight or measure which has been verified and stamped in situ shall not be dismantle and removed from its original site without intimation to the Controller or other person authorised by him in this behalf.

(4) To ensure proper check of the acuracy of a weighing instrument, the user shall keep at the site of each weighing instrument duly verified and stamped weights equal to one tenth of the capacity of the instruments or one tonne, whichever is less;

Provided that the Controller may specify the total number of verified and stamped weights to be maintained in the trade premises where the number of weighing instrument is more than one.

(5) To ensure proper delivery of the Petrol/ Diesel Pumps, the retail dealer of the pump shall keep a verified five litre capacity measure in his premises and check the output from the every day from the pump every day to ensure its correct delivery. In case of any short delivery, the dealer shall stop the delivery through the pump immediately and inform the Inspector or authorized Officer to re-calibrate the pump.





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