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Bare acts > Administration of Evacuee Property (Central) Rules, 1950
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RULEAdministration of Evacuee Property (Central) Rules, 1950
1.Short title
3.Conditions of service of the Custodian and other offices
6.Manner of Inquiry under Sec. 7
7.Notification of evacuee property under sub-rule (3) of Sec. 7
8.Notice to surrender possession under Sub-rule (4) of Sec. 8
9.Procedure under Sec. 9
10.Mode of taking possession of immoveable property
11.Mode of taking possession of Tangible moveable property
12.Mode of taking possession of other Moveable property
13.Preparation of inventory of moveable property
14.Cancellation or variation of leases and allotments
15.Procedure for restoration of Property
15-A.Procedure for making applications for grant of certificate under See. 16
15-AA.Certain application for grant of a certificate under Sec. 16 may be entertained although made beyond time
15-B.Classes of persons to whom certificates under Sec. 16 may be granted
15-C.Conditions subject to which certificate under Sec. 16 may be granted
16.Terms and conditions which a custodian may impose while making an order for restoration of property under Sec. 16
18.Enquiries under Sec. 22 in pending cases
20.Procedure for the confirmation of transfers under Sec. 40
20-A.Application for obtaining approval under Sec. 40 in respect of transfers
23.Management of trust-properties
24.Leases of evacuee property
25.Method of Payment of amounts due to the custodian
26.Administration and other charges
27.Administration charges for moveable properties
28.Manner of service or publication of notice, summons or order
30.Examination Witnesses
30-A.Transfer of Cases
31.Appeals. Review and Revisions
33.Basic record of property to be mentioned in property rule
34.Powers of Managers
35.Fees for inspection and copies
39.Maintenance of records and registers
40.Personal deposit-account to be closed
43.Payment by Custodian
44.Monthly statement of administrative charges
46.Record of Payments

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