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Bare acts > Administration of Evacuee Property (Central) Rules, 1950 > Rule 30A


30-A. Transfer of cases. -(1) On the application of any of the parties and after notice to the parties and after hearing such of them as desired to be heard or of his own motion and without such notice, the Custodian-General or the Custodian may at any stage of any proceeding pending before any officer subordinate to him withdraw it to himself and try or dispose of it himself; or

(ii) Transfer it for trial or disposal to any other officer subordinate to him and competent to try or dispose of the same -, or

(iii) Re-transfer the same for trial or disposal to the officer from whom it was withdrawn.

(2) Where any case has been withdrawn under sub-rule (1), the officer who thereafter tries such case may, subject to any special direction in the case of any order of transfer, either re-try it, or proceed from the point at which it was transferred or withdrawn.





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