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Bare acts > Administration of Evacuee Property (Central) Rules, 1950 > Rule 25


25. Method of payment of amounts due to the, Custodian.- (1) Rents, rates, lease money, sale-proceeds and other amounts payable to the Custodian in respect of evacuee property under the Act or under these rules shall be tendered in cash or postal money order to the cashier in the office of the Custodian or to any other person who may be authorized by the Custodian in this behalf to receive such money.

(2) The person receiving the money on behalf of the Custodian shall issue a receipt in Form No. 8. Receipts issued by the person making realization on behalf of the Custodian on the spot shall, however, be prepared in Form No. 9 by carbon process by using double-sided carbon paper.

(3) Crossed cheques may, at the discretion of the Custodian, be accepted. In case of out-station cheques, the amount on account of bank commission should also be added to the amount due to the Custodian. No receipt for any cheque shall be valid discharge of any liability unless the cheque is cashed.





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