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Trade Unions Act, 1926



Trade Unions Act, 1926



 Chapter I: Preliminary
1.Short title, extent and commencement
 Chapter II: Registration of Trade Unions
3.Appointment of Registrars
4.Mode of Registration
5.Application for registration

Provisions to be contained in the rule of a Trade Union

7.Power to call for further particulars and to require alteration of name
9.Certificate of registration
10.Cancellation of registration


12.Registered office
13.Incorporation of registered Trade Unions
14.Certain Acts not to apply to registered Trade Unions

Chapter III: Rights and liabilities of registered trade unions

15.Objects on which general funds may be spent
16.Constitution of a separate fund of political purposes
17.Criminal conspiracy in the trade disputes
18.Immunity from civil suit in certain cases
19.Enforceability of agreements
20.Right to inspect books of Trade Unions
21.Rights to minors to membership of Trade Unions
21A.Disqualification of office bearers of Trade Union
22.Proportion of office-bearers to be connected with the industry
23.Change of name
24.Amalgamation of Trade Union
25.Notice of change of name on amalgamation
26.Effects of change of name, and of amalgamation
 Chapter IV: Regulations
29.Power to make regulations
30.Publication of regulations

Chapter V: Penalties and procedure


Failure to submit returns

32.Supplying false information regarding Trade Unions
33.Cognizance of offences


Trade Unions Act, 1926





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