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3. Appointment of Registrars - (1) The appropriate Government shall appoint a person to be the Registrar of Trade Unions for each State.

(2) [Note: The principal section re-numbered as sub-section (1) and sub-section (2) inserted by Act 48 of 1960] The appropriate Government may appoint as many Additional and Deputy Registrars of Trade Unions as it thinks fit for the purpose of exercising and discharging, under the superintendence and direction of the Registrar, such powers and functions of the Registrar under this Act as it may, be order, specify and define the local limits within which any such Additional or Deputy Registrar shall exercise and discharge the powers and function so specified.

(3) Subject to the provisions of any order under sub-section (2), where an Additional or Deputy Registrar exercises and discharges the powers and function of a Registrar in an area within which the registered office of a Trade Union is situated, the Additional or Deputy Registrar shall be deemed to be Registrar in relation to the Trade Union for the purposes of this Act.





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