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Bare acts > Public Servants (Inquiries) Act, 1850
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SECTIONSPublic Servants (Inquiries) Act, 1850
1.Repeal of Acts
2.Articles of charge to be drawn out for public inquiry into conduct of certain public Servants
3.Authorities to whom inquiry may be committed - Notice to accused
4.Conduct of Government prosecution
5.Charge by accuser to be written and verified - Penalty for false accusation - Institution of inquiry by Government
6.Security from accuser left by Government to prosecute
7.Power of Government to abandon prosecution and to allow accuser to continue it
8.Powers of commissioners - Their protection - Service of their process-Powers of Court, etc, acting under commissions
9.Penalty for disobedience to process
10.Copy of charge and list to be furnished to accused
11.Procedure at beginning of inquiry Non- appearance of accused and admission of charge
12.Prosecutor's right of address
13.Evidence for prosecution and examination of witnesses- Re-examination by prosecutor
14.Power to admit or call for new evidence or prosecution - Accused's right to adjournment
15.Defence of accused-To be recorded only when written
16.Evidence for defence and examination of witnesses
17.Examination of witnesses and evidence by prosecutor
18.Notes of oral evidence
19.Inquiry when closed with defence-Prosecutor when entitled to reply and give evidence- Accused not entitled to adjournment
20.Power to require amendment of charge and to adjourn Reason for refusing adjournment to be recorded
21.Report of Commissioner's proceeding's
22.Power to call for further evidence or explanation - Inquiry into additional articles of charge - Reference of report of Special Commissioners' final orders
23.Definition of "Government"
24.Saving of enactments as to dismissal of certain officers-Commission under Act for their trial
25.Saving of power of removal without inquiry under Act

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