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Bare acts > Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006
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SECTIONSProhibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006
1.Short title, extent and commencement
3.Child marriages to be voidable at the option of contracting party being a child
4.Provision for maintenance and residence to female contracting party to child marriage
5.Custody and maintenance of children of child marriages
6.Legitimacy of children born of child marriages
7.Power of district court to modify orders issued under section 4 or section 5
8.Court to which petition should be made
9.Punishment for male adult marrying a child
10.Punishment for solemnising a child marriage
11.Punishment for promoting or permitting solemnisation of child marriages
12.Marriage of a minor child to be void in certain circumstances
13.Power of court to issue injunction prohibiting child marriages
14.Child marriages in contravention of injunction orders to be void
15.Offences to be cognizable and non-bailable
16.Child Marriage Prohibition Officers
17.Child Marriage Prohibition Officers to be public servants
18.Protection of action taken in good faith
19.Power of State Government to make rules
20.Amendment of Act No. 25 of 1955
21.Repeal and savings

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