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Bare acts > Food Corporations Regulations, 1965
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Food Corporations Regulations, 1965

1.Short title
3.Time and place of meetings of the Board
4.Power to call a meeting of the Board
5.Notice for meetings
7.Presidency over meetings
8.Adjournment of meeting
9.Transaction of business by circulation of papers
10.Record of business
11.Times and places of meeting of Executive Committee
12.Notice for meeting of Executive Committee
13.Quorum for meeting of the Executive Committee
14.Presidency over meeting of Executive Committee
15.Adjournment of meting of Executive Committee
17.Record of decisions
18.Times and places of meetings of the Committee
19.Notices for meeting of the Committee
20.Quorum for meeting of the Committee
21.Presidency over meetings of the Committee
22.Adjournment of meeting of the Committee
24.Report of the Committee
25.Fess of members
26.Managing Director to exercise powers of Chairman during vacancy in office of Chairman
27.Chairman to exercise the powers of the Managing Director during vacancy in the office of the Managing Director



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