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Bare acts > Contempt of Courts Act. 1971 > Section 19


19. Appeals.- (1) An appeal shall lie as of right from any order or decision of High Court in the exercise of its jurisdiction to punish for contempt-

(a) where the order or decision is that of a single Judge, to a Bench of not less than two Judges of the Court ;

(b) where the order or decision is that of a Bench, to the Supreme Court :

Provided that where the order or decision is that of the Court of the Judicial Commissioner in any Union territory, such appeal shall lie to the Supreme Court.

(2) Pending any appeal, the appellate court may order that-

(a) the execution of the punishment or order appealed against be suspended ;

(b) if the appellant is in confinement, he be released on bail and

(c) the appeal be heard notwithstanding that the appellant has not purged his contempt.

(3) Where any person aggrieved by any order against which an appeal may be filed satisfies the High Court that he intends to prefer an appeal, the High Court may also exercise all or any of the powers conferred by sub-section (2).

(4) An appeal under sub-section (1) shall be filed-

(a) in the case of an appeal to a Bench of the High Court, within thirty days ;

(b) in the case of an appeal to the Supreme Court, within sixty days, from the date of the order appealed against.





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