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Bare acts > Contempt of Courts Act. 1971
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Contempt of Courts Act. 1971

With latest amendment

1.Short title and extent
3.Innocent publication and distribution of matter not contempt
4.Fair and accurate report of judicial proceeding not contempt
5.Fair criticism of judicial act not contempt
6.Complaint against presiding officers of subordinate courts when not contempt
7.Publication of information relating to proceedings in chambers or in camera not contempt except in certain cases
8.Other defences not affected
9.Act not to imply enlargement of scope of contempt
10.Power of High Court to punish contempts of subordinate courts
11.Power of High Court to try offences committed or offenders found outside jurisdiction
12.Punishment for contempt of court
13.Contempts not punishable in certain cases
14.Procedure where contempt is in the face of the Supreme Court or a High Court
15.Cognizance of criminal contempt in other cases
16.Contempt by judge, magistrate or other person acting judicially
17.Procedure after cognizance
18.Hearing of cases of criminal contempt to be by Benches
20.Limitation for actions for contempt
21.Act not to apply to Nyaya panchyats or other village courts
22.Act to be in addition to and not in derogation of other laws relating to contempt
23.Power of Supreme Court and High Courts to make rules



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