• State of Maharashtra through CBI vs. Balakrishna Dattatrya Kumbhar” CRIMINAL APPEAL NO.1648 of 2012, Supreme Court has held that:

    “…..the  Appellate  Court  in  an  exceptional  case, may put the conviction in abeyance along with the sentence,  but such power must be exercised with great  circumspection  and  caution, for the purpose of which, the applicant  must  satisfy  the  Court  as regards the evil that is likely to befall him, if the said  conviction is not suspended.  The Court has to consider all the facts as are pleaded by the applicant, in a judicious manner and examined whether the facts and circumstances involved in the case are such, that they warrant such a course of action by it.  The court additionally, must record in writing, its reasons for granting such relief.   Relief of staying the order of conviction cannot be granted only on the ground      that an employee may lose his job, if the same is not done.” [Para 12]