• Shanti Devi vs. State of Rajasthan [CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 954 OF 2005]. The Hon’ble Supreme Court reiterated the settled principle of circumstantial evidence, as per following:

    “The principles can be set out as under:

    (i)                 The circumstances from which an interference of guilt is sought to be proved must be conjointly or firmly established.

    (ii)               The circumstances should be of a definite tendency unerringly pointing towards the guilt of the accused.

    (iii)             The circumstances taken cumulatively must form a chain so complete that there is no escape from the conclusion that with an all human probability, the crime was committed by the accused or none else.

                (iv)             The circumstances should be incapable of explanation on any reasonable hypothesis, same that of the guilt of the accused.” [Para 8]