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Interpleader suit : meaning
Inter-pleader suit is a suit filed by a person who has no direct interest in the subject-matter of the suit.

It is a suit filed a third party (the plaintiff) in the court to have adjudication of the rival claims of the defendants over some article, money or property.

In other words if the plaintiff is in possession of some article, things or property (in which he is not having direct interest or he may be a custodian or stake holder) and if he is in a delima over the rivals claims of the defendants, he may file inter-pleader suit in the competent court to have determination as to who is the actual owner of the article, things or property.

Inter-pleader suit is governed by Order 35 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908.

In Inter-pleader suit the plaintiff must state that he has not direct interest in the subject matter and that there is there is no collusion between the plaintiff and the defendant. See Order 35 Rule 1.

Inter-pleader suits cannot be filed by tenants or by agents so as to make their landlords or principals interplead with persons who have not claimed through such landlords or principals








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