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Index - Matrimonial Law
Y. Narasimha Rao And Ors vs Y. Venkata Lakshmi And Anr (SC) 
1991 SCR (2) 821, 1991 SCC (3) 451 


Conclusiveness of foreign judgment under section 13 of the Code of Civil Procedure.



Under Section 13 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 (hereinafter referred to as the ``Code''), a foreign judgment is not conclusive as to any matter thereby directly adjudicated upon between the parties if (a) it has not been pronounced by a Court of competent jurisdiction; (b) it has not been given on the merits of the case; (c) it is founded on an incorrect view of international law or a refusal to recognize the law of India in cases in which such law is applicable; (d) the proceedings are opposed to natural justice, (e) it is obtained by fraud, (f) it sustains a claim founded on a breach of any law in force in India. [Para 6]








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