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Bare acts > Works of Licensees Rules, 2006
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RULEWorks of Licensees Rules, 2006
1.Short title and commencement
3.Licensee to carry out works
4.Works affecting streets, railway, tramway, canal or waterway
5.Repairs and works during emergency
6.Procedure for carrying out other works near sewers, pipes or other electric lines or works
7.Alteration of the position of pipes, electric line, etc
8.Works not repairable by the Appropriate Government, licensee or local authority
9.Procedure for fencing, guarding, lighting and other safety measures relating to works and immediate reinstatement of streets, railways, sewers, drains or tunnels
10.Avoidance of public nuisance, environmental damage and unnecessary damage to the public and private property by such works
11.Manner of deposit of amount for restoration of railways, tramways, waterways etc
12.Manner of restoration of property affected by such works and maintenance thereof
13.Determination and payment of compensation to affected persons
14.Procedure for deposit of compensation payable by the licensee and furnishing of security
15.Determination of dispute or difference by the Appropriate Commission
16.Service of notice etc

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