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Bare acts > Working Journalists and Other Newspaper Employees (Conditions of Service) and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1955 > Section 13AA


13-AA. Constitution of Tribunal for fixing or revising rates of wages in respect of working journalists.- Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, where the Central Government is of opinion that the Board constituted under Sec.9 for the purpose of fixing or revising rates of wages in respect of working journalist under this Act had not been able to function (for any reason whatsoever) effectively, and in the circumstances, it is necessary so to do, it may, be notification in the official Gazette, Gazette, constitute a Tribunal, which shall consist of a person who is or has been, a Judge of a High Court or the Supreme Court for the purpose of fixing or revising rates of wages in respect of working journalists under this Act.

(2) The provisions of Secs. 10 to 13-A shall apply to , and in relation to, the Tribunal constituted under sub-section (1) of the section, the Central Government and working journalists, subject to the modifications that –

(a) the references to the Board therein, wherever they occur, shall be construed as references to the Tribunal:

(b) in sub-section (3) of Sec. 11 –

(i) the reference to the office of Chairman or any other member of the Board shall be construed as a reference to the office of the person constituting the Tribunal : and

(ii) the reference to Sec. 9 shall be construed as a reference to subsection (1) of this section ; and

(c) the reference in Sec. 13 and Sec.13-A to Sec.12 shall be construed as reference to Sec. 12 read with this section.

(3) The Tribunal, in discharging its functions under this Act, may act on the evidence recorded by the Wage Board or partly recorded by the Wage Board and partly recorded by itself :

Provided that if the Tribunal is of opinion that further examination of any of the witnesses whose evidence has already been recorded is necessary in the interests of justice it may re-summon any such witness, and after such further examination, cross-examination and re-examination, if any, as it may permit, the witness shall be discharged.

(4) On the constitution of a Tribunal under sub-section (1) the Board constituted under Sec. 9 and functioning immediately before such constitution shall cease to exist and the members constituting that Board shall be deemed to have vacated their offices :

Provided that any interim rates of wages fixed by the Central Government under Sec. 13-A in respect of working journalists, and in force immediately before the constitution of the Tribunal shall remain in force until the order of the Central Government under Sec. 12 read with this section comes into operation.






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