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Bare acts > Weapons of Mass Destruction and their Delivery Systems (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Act, 2005
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SECTIONSWeapons of Mass Destruction and their Delivery Systems (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Act, 2005
1.Short title and commencement
2.Act in addition to other laws
3.Extent and application
5.Power to identify, designate, categorise or regulate certain activities
6.Power to appoint Advisory Committees
7.Delegation of powers
8.Prohibition relating to weapons of mass destruction
9.Prohibition relating to non-State actor or terrorist
10.Prohibition as regards intimidating acts
11.Prohibition on export
12.Prohibition on brokering
13.Regulation of export, transfer, retransfer, transit and transshipment
14.Offences and penalties
15.Punishment for aiding non-State actor or terrorist
16.Punishment for unauthorized export
17.Punishment for violation of other provisions of the Act
18.Penalty for using false or making forged documents, etc
19.Punishment for offences with respect to which no provision has been made
20.Offences by companies
21.Cognizance of offences
22.Bar of jurisdiction of civil courts
23.Effect of other laws
24.Protection of action taken in good faith
25.Special provisions as to Central Government
26.Power to make rules
27.Power to remove difficulties

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