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Bare acts > Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Rules, 1975 > Schedule II



See rule 17(3)


Heads of Accounts (Expenditure)

1. Salaries

2. Wages

3. Travel expenses.

4. Office expenses.

(a) Furniture

(b) Postage

(c) Office machines/ equipment

(d) Liveries

(e) Hot and cold weather charges

(f) Telephones

(g) Electricity and water charges

(h) Stationery

(i) Printing

(j) Staff car and other vehicles

(k) Other items

5. Fee and honoraria

6. Payment for professional and special services

7. Rent, rates and taxes/ royalty

8. Publications

9. Advertising, sales and publicity expenses

10. Grants-in aid/ contributions/ subsidies

11. Hospitality expenses, sumptuary allowances, etc.

12. Pensions/ gratuities

13. Write off/ losses

14. Suspenses

15. Expenses in connection with the setting up and maintenance of the Board laboratory.

16.Other charges (a residuary head, this will also include rewards and prizes).

Heads of Accounts (Receipts)

1. Payments by Central Government

2. Fees

3. Fines and other receipts





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