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Bare acts > Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Rules, 1975 > Rule 33


33. Procedure for making inquiry into application for consent.- (1) On receipt of an application for consent under section 25 or section 26, the Central Board may depute any of its officers, accompanied by as many assistants as may be necessary, to visit the premises of the applicant, to which such application relates, for the purpose of verifying the correctness or otherwise of the particulars furnished in the application or for obtaining such further particulars or information as such officer may consider necessary. Such officer may, for that purpose, inspect any place where water or sewage or trade effluent is discharged by the applicant, or treatment plants, purification works or disposal systems of the applicant and may require the applicant to furnish to him any plans, specifications and other data relating to such treatment plants, purification works or disposal systems or any part thereof, that he considers necessary.

(2) Such officer shall, before visiting any premises of the applicant for the purpose of inspection under sub-rule (1) above, give notice to the applicant of his intention to do so in Form XIV. The applicant shall furnish to such officer all facilities that such officer may legitimately require for the purpose.

(3) An officer of the Central Board may, before or after carrying out an inspection under sub-rule (1) above, require the applicant to furnish to him, orally or in writing such additional information or clarification, or to produce before him such documents, as he may consider necessary for the purpose of investigation of the application and may for that purpose, summon the applicant or his authorised agent to the office of the Central Board.





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