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Bare acts > Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Rules, 1975 > Rule 3


3. Salaries, allowances and other conditions of service of the Chairman.- (1) The Chairman shall be paid a fixed monthly salary of Rs. 3,000.

(2) (a) In addition to the salary specified in sub-rule (1), the Chairman shall be entitled to city compensatory allowance and house rent allowance as admissible to a Central Government servant in terms of Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure). OM No. 2 (3)-E, II (B)/ 64, dated the 27th November, 1965:

PROVIDED that where the Chairman is allotted an accommodation by the Central Government, he shall not be entitled to house rent allowance and shall be required to pay ten per cent of the emoluments drawn by him as house rent or licence fee:

(b) In respect of journeys undertaken by the Chairman in connection with his duties as Chairman, he shall be entitled to travelling allowance and daily allowance at the rates permissible in the case of a Government Officer of equivalent rank under the Supplementary Rules of the Central Government;

(c) The Central Board shall provide of the Chairman, medical facilities as admissible to an officer of the Central Government drawing salary of Rs. 3,000 per mensem.

(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rules (1) and (2), where a government servant is appointed as Chairman, the terms and conditions of his service shall be such as may be specified by the Central Government from time to time.






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