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Bare acts > Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967
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Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967

As amended upto date

1.Short title, extent and application
2-A.Construction of references to laws not in force in Jammu and Kashmir
3.Declaration of an Association as unlawful
4.Reference to Tribunal
6.Period of operation and cancellation of notification
7.Power to prohibit the use of funds of an unlawful association
8.Power to notify places used for the purpose of an unlawful association
9.Procedure to be followed in the disposal of applications under this Act
10.Penalty for being member of an unlawful association, etc
11.Penalty for dealing with funds of an unlawful association
12.Penalty for contravention of an order made in respect of a notified place
13.Punishment for unlawful activities
14.Offences to be cognizable
15.Terrorist act
16.Punishment for terrorist act
16-A.Punishment for making demands of radioactive substances, nuclear devices, etc
17.Punishment for raising funds for terrorist act
18.Punishment for conspiracy, etc
18-A.Punishment for organising of terrorist camps
18-B.Punishment for recruiting of any person or persons for terrorist act
19.Punishment for harbouring, etc
20.Punishment for being member of terrorist gang or organization
21.Punishment for holding proceeds of terrorism
22.Punishment for threatening witness
23.Enhanced penalties
 CHAPTER V: FORFEITURE OF PROCEEDS OF TERRORISM [inserted by Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act, 2004]
24.Forfeiture of proceeds of terrorism
25.Powers of investigating officer and Designated Authority and appeal against order of Designated Authority
26.Court to order forfeiture of proceeds of terrorism
27.Issue of show cause notice before forfeiture of proceeds of terrorism
29.Order for forfeiture not to interfere with other punishments
30.Claims by third party
31.Powers of Designated Authority
32.Certain transfers to be null and void
33.Forfeiture of property of certain persons
34.Company to transfer shares to Government
35.Amendment of Schedule, etc
36.Denotification of a terrorist organization
37.Review Committees
38.Offence relating to membership of a terrorist organization
39.Offence relating to support given to a terrorist organization
40.Offence of raising fund for a terrorist organization
41.Continuance of association
42.Power to delegate
43.Officers competent to investigate offences under Chapter IV and VI
43-A.Power to arrest, search, etc
43-B.Procedure of arrest, seizure, etc
43-C.Application of provisions of Code
43-D.Modified application of certain provisions of the Code
43-E.Presumption as to offence under section 15
43-F.Obligation to furnish information
44.Protection of witnesses
45.Cognizance of offences
46.Admissibility of evidence collected through the interception of communications
47.Bar of jurisdiction
48.Effect of Act and rules, etc., inconsistent with other enactments
49.Protection of action taken in good faith
51.Impounding of passport and arms licence of person chargesheeted under the Act
51-A.Certain powers of the Central Government
52.Power to make rules
53.Orders and rules to be laid before both Houses of Parliament



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