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Bare acts > Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Contributory Provident Fund) Rules, 2003 > Rule 9


9. Disqualification for the Trusteeship and removal.- (1) A person shall be disqualified for being a Trustee,-

(a) if he is an un-discharged insolvent;

(b) if he is declared to be of unsound mind by a competent court;

(c) if he has been convicted of an office involving moral turpitude;

(d) if he ceases to be an employee of the Authority or if he ceases for any reason to be a subscriber of the Fund.

(2) If any question arises whether any person is disqualified under sub-rule (1), it shall be referred to the Chairperson whose decision on the question shall be final.

(3) The Authority may, if in its opinion that such Trustee has ceased to represent the interest which he purports to represent on the Board in terms of clause (d) of sub-rule (1) of rule 6 after giving him reasonable opportunity of making any representation against the proposed action, remove any Trustee from his office.





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