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Bare acts > Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Contributory Provident Fund) Rules, 2003 > Rule 22


22. Recovery of Advance.- (1) An advance shall be recovered from the subscriber in such number of equal monthly installments as the sanctioning authority may direct; but such number shall not be less than twelve unless the subscriber so elects and not more than thirty six. A subscriber may, at his option, make repayment of more than one installment in any month. The amount of each installment shall be fixed in terms of whole rupees, the amount of advance being raised or reduced if necessary to admit of such fixation of installments.

(2) Recovery shall be made in the manner as specified in sub-rules (2) and (3) of rule19 for the realisation of subscriptions, and shall commence with the issue of pay for the month following the one in which the advance was drawn. Recovery shall not be made, except with the subscriber’s consent, while he is in receipt of subsistence grant or is on leave for ten days or more in a calendar month which either does not carry any leave salary or carries leave salary equal to or less than half pay or half average pay, as the case may be. The recovery may be postponed, on the subscriber’s written request, by the sanctioning authority during the recovery of an advance of pay granted to the subscriber.

( 3) If an advance has been granted to a subscriber and drawn by him and the advance is subsequently disallowed before repayment is completed, the whole or balance of the amount withdrawn shall forthwith be repaid by the subscriber to the Fund, or in default, be ordered by the Secretary to be recovered by deduction from the emoluments of the subscriber in a lump sum or in monthly installments not exceeding twelve as may be directed by the authority competent to sanction an advance for the grant of which, special reasons are required under sub-rule (2) of rule 21;

Provided that, before such advance is disallowed, the subscriber shall be given an opportunity to explain to the sanctioning authority in writing within fifteen days of the receipt of the communication why the repayment shall not be enforced and if an explanation is submitted by the subscriber, within the period of fifteen days, it shall be referred to the Chairperson for decisions; and if no explanation within the said period is submitted by him, the repayment of the advance shall be enforced in the manner prescribed in this sub-rule.

(4) Recoveries made under this rules shall be credited as they are made to the subscriber’s account in the Fund.





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