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Bare acts > Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Contributory Provident Fund) Rules, 2003 > Rule 16


16. Conditions of subscriptions.- (1) Every subscriber shall subscribe monthly to the Fund when on duty or foreign service but not during a period of suspension:

Provided that a subscriber on reinstatement after a period passed under suspension shall be allowed the option of paying in one sum, or in installments, any sum not exceeding the maximum amount of arrears of subscriptions payable for that period. Note.- A subscriber need not subscribe during a period treated as dies non.

(2) A subscriber may, at his option, not subscribe during leave, by a written communication to the Secretary which either does not carry any leave salary or carries leave salary equal to or less than half pay or half average pay.

(3) The subscriber shall intimate his election not to subscribe during the leave period referred to in sub-rule(2) in the following manner:-

(a) if he is an officer who draws his own bills, by making no deduction on account of subscription in his first pay bill drawn after proceeding on leave;

(b) if he is not an officer who draws his own pay bills, by written communication to the Secretary before he proceeds on leave, and

failure to make due and timely intimation shall be deemed to constitute an election to subscribe. The option of a subscriber intimated under this sub-rule shall be final.

(4) A subscriber who has withdrawn the amount standing to his credit in the Fund under rule 28 shall not subscribe to the Fund after such withdrawal unless he returns to duty.

(5) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1), a subscriber shall not subscribe to the Fund for the month in which he quits service unless, before the commencement of the said month, he communicates to the Secretary in writing his option to subscribe for the said month.





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