Suits Valuation Act, 1887Suits Valuation Act 1887Suits Valuation Act
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Suits Valuation Act, 1887




1.Title and extents
2.Extent and commencement of Part I
3.Power for Local Government to make rules determining value of land for jurisdictional purposes
4.Valuation of relief in certain suits relating to land not to exceed the value of the land
5.Making and enforcement of rules
6.Repeal of section 14 of the Madras Civil Courts Act, 1873
7.Extent and commencement or part II
8.Court-fee value and jurisdictional value to be the same in certain suits
9.Determination of value of certain suits by High Courts
10.[Repeal of s. 32, Punjab Courts Act, 1884 9 XVIII of 1884.]
11.Procedure where objection is taken on appeal or revision that a suit or appeal was not properly valued for jurisdiction purposes
12.Proceedings pending at commencement of part I or Part II



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