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Bare acts > State Financial Corporations (Amendment) Act, 2000
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State Financial Corporations (Amendment) Act, 2000

1.Short title
2.Amendment of section 2
3.Amendment of section 3A
4.Amendment of section 4
5.Amendment of section 4A
6.Insertion of new section 4D
7.Substitution of new sections for sections 5 to 10
8.Omission of section 10A
9.Substitution of new sections for sections 11 and 12
10.Amendment of section 13
11.Amendment of section 14
12.Substitution of new section for section 15
13.Amendment of section 17
14.Substitution of new section for section 18
15.Amendment of section 19
16.Amendment of section 23
17.Amendment of section 25
18.Insertion of new section 25B
19.Substitution of new section for section 26
20.Amendment of section 28
21.Substitution of new section for section 34
22.Amendment of section 35
23.Substitution of new section for section 35A
24.Amendment of section 36
25.Amendment of section 37
26.Amendment of section 37A
27.Amendment of section 38
28.Amendment of section 39
29.Amendment of section 40
30.Insertion of new section 41B
31.Amendment of section 43
32.Amendment of section 43B
33.Amendment of section 46A
34.Omission of section 47
35.Amendment of section 48
36.Amendment of section 48A
37.Insertion of new section 48B



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