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Bare acts > State Financial Corporations Act, 1951 > Section 8


*[8. Deposits with Financial Corporation.-(1) The Financial Corporation may accept from the State Government, or with the prior approval of the Reserve Bank, from a local authority or any other person deposits repayable after the expiry of a period which shall not be less than twelve months from the date of the making of the deposit and on such other terms as the Board thinks fit:

Provided that the total amount of such deposits shall not exceed twice the paid-up share capital of the Financial Corporation:

Provided further that the State Government may permit the Financial Corporation to accept deposits up to a higher limit not exceeding ten times the paid-up share capital of the Financial Corporation.

(2) Any deposit accepted under sub-section (1), other than a deposit from the State Government may, if so required by the Financial Corporation, be guaranteed by the State Government as to the repayment of the principal and payment of interest.

*[substituted vide State Financial Corporations Amendment Act, 2000, section 7]






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