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73. Power of State Government to make provisions of the Standards Act relating to approval of models applicable to models of weights or measures intended to be used exclusively within the State.- (1) Where any type of weight or measure manufactured by a licensed manufacturer is such that all the weights or measures of that type manufactured by him within the State is intended to be sold, distributed or delivered therein, the State Government may, by notification, direct that the model of every such type of weight or measure shall be submitted for approval in accordance with provisions of sections 36, 37 and 38 of the Standards Act, and thereupon, the provisions of the said sections 36, 37 and 38 shall become applicable to such model, and references in those sections to the Central Government and to the Standards Act shall be construed as references, respectively, to the State Government and this Act.

(2) Where the State Government makes a direction under sub-section (1) in relation to any type of weight or measure, any contravention of the provisions of section 39, section 40 or section 41 of the Standards Act in relation to that type of weight or measure shall be an offence punishable under this Act and the punishment provided therfor in the Standards Act shall be deemed to be the punishment provided therfore in this Act as if the said provisions relating to punishments were enacted by this Act.





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