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70. Levy of fees.- The State Government may, by rules made under section 72, levy such fees, not exceeding--

(a) five hundred rupees, for the application for the issue or renewal of a licence for making or manufacturing of any weight or measure,

(b) one hundred rupees, for the issue of a licence for repairing or selling of any weight or measure,

(c) fifty rupees, for the alteration of any licence,

(d) five thousand rupees, on a graded scale, for the verification of any weight or measure, having regard to the time and labour which may be involved in making such verification,

(e) ten rupees, for the adjustment of any weight or measure,

(f) ten rupees, for the issue of a duplicate licence or certificate of verification,

(g) one rupee, for every one hundred words or less, for the grant of copies of any document, not being a document of a confidential nature.

(h) twenty-five rupees, for any appeal preferred under this Act,

(i) five rupees, for application for registration or renewal of registration under section 17.71.Delegation of powers.





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