Societies Registration Act, 1860Societies Registration ActSocieties Registration Act,1860
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Societies Registration Act, 1860



1.Societies formed by memorandum of association and registration
2.Memorandum of association
3.Registration and fees
4.Annual list of managing body to be filed
5.Property of society how vested
6.Suits by and against societies
7.Suits not to abate
8.Enforcement of judgment against society
9.Recovery or penalty accruing under bye-law
10.Members liable to be sued as strangers
11.Members guilty of offences punishable as strangers
12.Societies enabled to alter, extend or abridge their purposes
13.Provision for dissolution of societies and adjustment of their affairs
14.Upon a dissolution no member to receive profit
15.Member defined
16.Governing body defined
17.Registration of societies formed before Act
18.Such societies to file memorandum, etc., with Registrar of Joint-stock companies
19.Inspection of documents
20.To what societies Act applies


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