Sale of Goods Act, 1930Sale of Goods Act 1930Sale of Goods Act
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Sale of Goods Act, 1930


THE SALE OF GOODS ACT, 1930 (Particulars)

1.Short title, extent and commencement
3.Application of provisions of Act 9 of 1872
4.Sale and agreement to sell
5.Contract of sale how made
6.Existing or future goods
7.Goods perishing before making of contract
8.Goods perishing before sale but after agreement to sell
9.Ascertainment of price
10.Agreement to sell at valuation
11.Stipulations as to time
12.Condition and warranty
13.When condition to be treated as warranty
14.Implied undertaking as to title, etc
15.Sale by description
16.Implied conditions as to quality or fitness
17.Sale by sample
18.Goods must be ascertained
19.Property passes when intended to pass
20.Specific goods in a deliverable state
21.Specific goods to be put into a deliverable state
22.Specific goods in a deliverable state, when the seller has to do anything thereto in order to ascertain price
23.Sale of unascertained goods and appropriation
24.Goods sent on approval or "on sale or return"
25.Reservation of right of disposal
26.Risk prima facie passes with property
27.Sale by person not the owner
28.Sale by one of joint owners
29.Sale by person in possession under voidable contract
30.Seller or buyer in possession after sale
31.Duties of seller and buyer
32.Payment and delivery are concurrent conditions
34.Effect of part delivery
35.Buyer to apply for delivery
36.Rules as to delivery
37.Delivery of wrong quantity
38.Installment deliveries
39.Delivery to carrier or wharfinger
40.Risk where goods are delivered at distant place
41.Buyer's right of examining the goods
43.Buyer not bound to return rejected goods
44.Liability of buyer for neglecting or refusing delivery of goods
45."Unpaid seller" defined
46.Unpaid seller's rights
47.Seller's lien
48.Part delivery
49.Termination of lien
50.Right of stoppage in transit
51.Duration of transit
52.How stoppage in transit is effected
53.Effect of sub-sale or pledge by buyer
54.Sale not generally rescinded by lien or stoppage in transit
55.Suit for price
56.Damages for non-acceptance
57.Damages for non-delivery
58.Specific performance
59.Remedy for breach of warranty
60.Repudiation of contract before due date
61.Interest by way of damages and special damages
62.Exclusion of implied terms and conditions
63.Reasonable time a question of fact
64.Auction sale
64A.In contracts of sale, amount of increased or decreased taxes to be added or deducted


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