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(See sections 19 and 25)
Norms and Standards for a School
Sl. No Item Norms and Standards
1. Number of teachers:
(a) For first class to fifth class Admitted children Number of teachers
Up to Sixty Two
Between sixty-one to ninety Three
Between Ninety-one to one hundred and twenty Four
Between One hundred and twenty-one to two hundred Five
Above One hundred and fifty Children Five plus one Head-teacher
Above Two hundred children Pupil-Teacher Ratio (excluding Head-teacher) shall not exceed forty.
(b) For sixth class to eighth class (1) At least one teacher per class so that there shall be at least one teacher each for--
(i) Science and Mathematics;
(ii) Social Studies;
(iii) Languages.
(2) At least one teacher for every thirty-five children.
(3) Where admission of children is above one hundred--
(i) a full time head-teacher;
(ii) part time instructors for--
(A) Art Education;
(B) Health and Physical Education;
(C) Work Education.
2. Building All-weather building consisting of--
(i) at least one class-room for every teacher and an office-cum-store-cum-Head teacher's room;
(ii) barrier-free access;
(iii) separate toilets for boys and girls;
(iv) safe and adequate drinking water facility to all children;
(v) a kitchen where mid-day meal is cooked in the school;
(vi) Playground;
(vii) arrangements for securing the school building by boundary wall or fencing.
3. Minimum number of working days/instructional hours in an academic year (i) two hundred working days for first class to fifth class;
(ii) two hundred and twenty working days for sixth class to eighth class;
(iii) eight hundred instructional hours per academic year for first class to fifth class;
(iv) one thousand instructional hours per academic year for sixth class to eighth class.
4. Minimum number of working hours per week for the teacher forty-five teaching including preparation hours.
5. Teaching learning equipment Shall be provided to each class as required.
6. Library There shall be a library in each school providing newspaper, magazines and books on all subjects, including story-books.
7. Play material, games and sports equipment Shall be provided to each class as required





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