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Bare acts > Religious Endowments Act, 1863
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SECTIONReligious Endowments Act, 1863
1.Repeal of parts of Bengal Regulation 19 of 1810 and Madras Regulation 7 of 1817
2.Interpretation clause
3.Government to make special provision resting mosques, etc
4.Transfer to trustees, etc. of trust-property in charge of Revenue Board
5.Procedure in case of dispute as to right of succession to vacate trusteeship
6.Rights, etc., of trustees to whom property is transferred under Section 4
7.Appointment of committees
8.Qualifications of members of committee
9.Tenure of Office
10.Vacancies to be filled
11.No member of committee to be also trustee, etc. of mosque, etc
12.On appointment of committee, Board and local agents to transfer property
13.Duty of trustee, etc. as to accounts
14.Persons interested may singly sue in case of breach of trust, etc
15.Nature of interest entitling person to sue
16.Reference to arbitrators
17.Reference under Act X of 1940
18.Application for leave to institute suits
19.Court may require accounts of trust to be filed
20.Proceedings for criminal breach of trust
21.Cases in which endowments are partly for religious and partly for secular purposes
22.Government not to hold charge hence-forth of property for support of any mosque, temple, etc
23.Effect of Act in respect of Regulations therein mentioned and of buildings of antiquity, etc




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