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90. Exemption of certain documents executed by or in favour of government.- (1) Nothing contained in this Act or in the Indian Registration Act, 1877, or in the Indian Registration Act, 1871, or in any Act thereby repealed, shall be deemed to require, or to have any time required, the registration of any of the following documents or maps, namely:-

(a) documents issued, received or attested by any officer engaged in making a settlement or revision or settlement of land-revenue, and which form part of the records of such settlement; or

(b) documents and maps issued, received or authenticated by any officer engaged on behalf of government in making or revising the survey of any land, and which form part of the record of such survey; or

(c) documents which, under any law for the time being in force, are filed periodically in any revenue-office by patwaris or other officers charged with the preparation of village records; or

(d) sanads, inam, title-deeds and other documents purporting to be or to evidence grants or assignments by government of land or of any interest in land; or

(e) notice given under section 74 or section 76 of the Bombay Land-Revenue Code, 1879, or relinquishment of occupancy by occupants, or of alienated land by holders of such land.

(2) All such documents and maps shall, for the purposes of sections 48 and 49, be deemed to have been and to be registered in accordance with the provisions of this Act.





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