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51. Register books to be kept in the several offices.- (1) The following books shall be kept in the several offices hereinafter named, namely:-

(A) In all registration offices-

Book 1, "Register of non-testamentary documents relating to immovable property";

Book 2, "Record of reasons for refusal to register";

Book 3, "Register of wills and authorities to adopt"; and

Book 4, "Miscellaneous Register";

(B) In the offices of Registrarís-

Book 5, "Register of deposits of wills".

(2) In Book 1 shall be entered or filed all documents or memoranda registered under sections 17,18 and 89 which relate to immovable property, and are not wills.

(3) In Book 4 shall be entered all documents registered under clauses (d) and (f) of section 18 which do not relate to immovable property.

(4) Nothing in this section shall be deemed to require more than one set of books where the office of the Registrar has been amalgamated with the office of a Sub-Registrar.





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