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27. Stay of proceedings under certificate and amendment or withdrawal thereof.- (1) Notwithstanding that a certificate has been issued to the Recovery Officer for the recovery of any amount, the Presiding Officer may grant time for the payment of the amount, and thereupon the Recovery Officer shall stay the proceedings until the expiry of the time so granted.

(2) Where a certificate for the recovery of amount has been issued, the Presiding Officer shall keep the Recovery Officer informed of any amount paid or time granted for payment, subsequent to the issue of such certificate to the Recovery Officer.

(3) Where the order giving rise to a demand of amount for recovery of debt has been modified in appeal and, as a consequence thereof the demand is reduced, the Presiding Officer shall stay the recovery of such part of the amount of the certificate as pertains to the said reduction for the period for which the appeal remains pending.

(4) Where a certificate for the recovery of debt has been received by the Recovery Officer and subsequently the amount of the outstanding demands is reduced or enhanced as a result of an appeal, the Presiding Officer shall, when the order which was the subject-matter of such appeal has become final and conclusive, amend the certificate or withdraw it, as the case may be.





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