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Bare acts > Punjab Industrial Housing Rules, 1956 > Rule 6


6. Assessment and recovery of damage for unauthorized occupation. - (1) In assessing damages for unauthorized use and occupation of any premises, the competent authority or any other officer authorized by him in this regard, with the approval of the State Government, shall take into consideration the following matters: -

(a) the purposes and period for which the premises were in unauthorized occupation;

(b) the nature, size and standard of the accommodation available in such premises;

(c) the rent that would have been realized if the premises had been let out on rent for the period of unauthorized occupation;

(d) any damage done to the premises during the period of unauthorized occupation;

(e) any other matter which, in the opinion of the Competent Authority is relevant for the purpose of assessing the damages;

(2) Before assessing the damages the Competent Authority shall give the person proceeded against an opportunity of being heard.

(3) No damages shall be recovered except with the prior approval of the Labour Commissioner.






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