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Bare acts > Punjab Industrial Housing Rules, 1956 > Rule 5


5. Procedure of allotment. – (1) Whenever houses constructed under the scheme are vacant and the Labour Commissioner is of the view that they should be let out, he shall issue a notice specifying therein the number of houses available for allotment, the monthly rent and other particulars thereof along with the terms and conditions of allotment. Copies of the notice shall be sent at least fifteen clears days in advance of the proposed allotment to the managements of all local factories governed by the Factories Act, 1948. Copies of the said notice shall also be posted at least fifteen clear days in advance of the proposed allotment at the following places, namely: -

(i) office of the municipal committee, notified area committee or panchayat in the Jurisdiction of which the industrial concern is located;

(ii) Govt. Hospital or dispensary situated within the jurisdiction of the said municipal committee, notified area committee or panchayat;

(iii) Employees State Insurance Hospital or Dispensary, if any;

(iv) houses to be allotted; and

(v) office of the competent authority.

(2) Application for allotment of houses shall be submitted in Form ‘A’ appended to these rules.

(3) The Labour Commissioner shall prepare separate lists of such workers whose wages do not exceed Two Hundred and Fifty Rupees per mensum. The Names of applicants shall be arranged in the order in which they submit their applications for allotment of houses.

(4) Allotments shall be made in the order of the date of submission of applications, preference being given to applicants who have not already been provided with suitable houses by the employers:

Provided that the Labour Commissioner may allot 10 per cent of the accommodation out of turn for reasons to be recorded in writing in each case.

Provided further that the Labour Commissioner shall allot two percent of the accommodation out of ten percent provided in the first proviso to the handicapped workers except deaf persons, subject to the conditions and manner hereinafter provided, namely: -

(i) In the case of blind Industrial workers, the request for out-of-turn allotment shall be entertained and examined on merits.

(ii) In the case of orthopaedically handicapped workers, requests from only those, who as a result of their orthopaedic deformity find it very difficult to move freely, shall be entertained and considered on merits.

(iii) All requests for out-of turn allotment of accommodation shall be accompanied by the following documents in original: -

(a) a medical certificate from doctor of a Government Hospital indicating the nature and extent of physical handicap; and

(b) a certificate from employer indicating whether the applicant was recruited through the employment exchange meant for handicapped persons.

(5) All allotments shall be shown in a register to be maintained for the purpose.


(1) (i) All applications which are found to be in order, shall be entered in a separate register and from the applications so entered, a list of one and half times more than the number of houses available for allotment at a time to each category of Industrial workers shall be prepared separately on the basis of continuous service of the applicants for holding a draw of lots.

(ii) The applicants who are allotted houses in the draw of lots shall be issued allotment letters in Form ‘B’ and allotment so made shall be subject to the conditions specified therein.

(iii) The allotment of the remaining applicants who are not allotted houses in the first draw of lots shall be made in the subsequent draw of lots to be held on the basis of availability of houses and the process of making allotment through draw of lots shall continue of houses and the process of making allotment through draw of lots shall continue till all the names entered in the register are exhausted:

Provided that the Secretary to Government of Punjab, Department of Labour and Employment may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, allot to the Industrial workers out of turn five per cent of the houses available for allotment under sub-rule (1);

(6) The allotment orders shall be issued words by the Labour Commissioner Omitted for Punjab by the Labour Commissioner in Form ‘B’ appended to these rules.

(7) (i) On receipt of allotment order by an allottee, a sum of two hundred rupees shall be deposited by him as security in the Local Treasury under the head “0230-Labour and Employment. 800-other receipts 03-Rent of Labour Quarter,” before the possession of the house delivered to him by the competent authority under sub-rule (6)

(ii) When a house is surrendered or vacated by an allottee, he shall, within a period of sixty days from the date of surrender or vacation, as the case may be, make an application to the competent authority for the refund of security.

(iii) If the competent authority is satisfied that there is nothing due from the allottee on account of recovery of rent, electricity charges or any other dues, he shall direct the refund of the security:

Provided that if any amount is found recoverable from the allottee, the refund of security shall be made after deduction the amount due from him.

(8) The possession of the house shall be given to the allottee by the competent authority or any other person to whom such powers shall be delegated by the competent authority with the previous approval of the State Government. The conditions of occupation will be such prescribed in the agreement or may be prescribed from time to time by the State Government.






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