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Bare acts > Punjab Industrial Housing Rules, 1956 > Rule 3


3. Functions and duties of the competent authority. - Subject to the control of the State Government, the competent authority shall be responsible for the maintenance and control of houses, the realization of rent, the eviction of persons occupying such houses, where necessary, and for all other matters incidental to the administration of houses, except their allotment, built under the Act. The competent Authority shall have powers: -

(a) to receive all payment of money under the Act;

(b) to re-enter, re-take or resume possession of any house required, or to order the removal of an unauthorized occupant of house;

(c) to issue notices to the occupants of houses for and in connection with the recovery of rent, electrical charges and other dues, for ejectment, re-entry or re-taking possession of the tenements or for unauthorized additions and alternations there of and breach of any other terms and conditions of the agreement by the tenants or for any other purpose whatsoever for which notice may be required to be given by law or under an agreement;

(d) to issue notices to the employers of the tenants to deduct the rent of the houses from the salary or wages to such tenants;

(e) to order the recovery of arrears of rent and other dues as arrears of land revenue;

(f) to execute all documents as may be proper or necessary for the administration of the Act;

(g) to prescribe forms or registers and rent receipts and other records which he consider necessary for the proper administration of the Act.






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