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Bare acts > Public Gambling Act, 1867 > Section 2


2. Power to extend Act. -Section 13 and 17 of this Act shall extend to the whole of the said States and it shall be competent to the State Government, whenever it may think fit, to extend, by a notification to be published in three successive numbers of the Official Gazette, all or any of the remaining sections of this Act to any city, town, suburb, railway, station house and place being not more than three miles distant front any part of such station house within the States and in such notification to define, for the purposes of this Act, the limits of such city, town, suburb or station house, and from time to time, to alter the limits so defined.

From the date of any such extension, so much of any rule having the force of law which shall be in operation in the territories to which such extension shall have been made, (as shall be inconsistent with or repugnant to any section so extended, shall cease to have effect in such territories.





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