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Bare acts > Probation of Offenders Act, 1958
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Probation of Offenders Act, 1958

1.Short title extent and commencement
3.Power of court to release certain offenders after admonition
4.Power of court to release certain officers on probation of good conduct
5.Power of court to require released offenders to pay compensation and costs
6.Restrictions on imprisonment of offenders under twenty- one years of age
7.Report of probation officer to be confidential
8.Variation of conditions of probation
9.Procedure in case of offender failing to observe conditions of bond
10.Provision as to sureties
11.Courts competent to make order under the Act, appeal and revision and powers of courts in appeal and revision
12.Removal of disqualification attaching to conviction
13.Probation officers
14.Duties of probation officers
15.Probation officers to be public servants
16.Protection of action taken in good faith
17.Power to make rules
18.Saving of operation of certain enactments
19.Section 562 of the Code not to apply in certain areas



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