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Bare acts > Prisons Act, 1894 > Section 3


3. Definitions. – In this Act--

(1) "prison" means any jail or place used permanently or temporarily under the general or special orders of a State Government for the detention of prisoners, and includes all lands and buildings appurtenant thereto, but does not include--

(a) any place for the confinement of prisoners who are exclusively in the custody of the police;

(b) any place specially appointed by the State Government under *[section 541 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1882 (10 of 1882)]; or

(c) any place which has been declared by the State Government by general or special order, to be a subsidiary jail;

(2) "criminal prisoner" means any prisoner duly committed to custody under the writ, warrant or order of any Court or authority exercising criminal jurisdiction, or by order of a Court-martial;

(3) "convicted criminal prisoner" means any criminal prisoner under sentence of a Court or Court-martial, and includes a person detained in prison under the provisions of *[Chapter VIII of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1882 (10 of 1882)[ or under the **[Prisoners Act, 1871 (5 of 1871)];

(4) "civil prisoner" means any prisoner who is not a criminal prisoner;

(5) "remission system" means the rules for the time being in force regulating the award of marks to, and the consequent shortening of sentences of, prisoners in jail;

(6) "history-ticket" means me ticket exhibiting such information as is required in respect of each prisoner by this Act or the
rules thereunder;

(7) "Inspector General" means the Inspector General of Prisons;

(8) "Medical Subordinate" means an Assistant Surgeon, Apothecary or qualified Hospital Assistant; and

(9) "prohibited article" means an article the introduction or removal of which into or out of a prison is prohibited by any rule under this Act.

*[Now Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973.

**[Now the Prisoners Act, 1990 (3 of 1900)]





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