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Prisons Act, 1894

 Chapter I : Preliminary
1.Title, extent and commencement
 Chapter II : Maintenance and officers of prisons
4.Accommodation for prisoners
5.Inspector General
6.Officers of prisons
7.Temporary accommodation for prisoners
 Chapter III : Duties of Officers
8.Control and duties of officers of prisons
9.Officers not to have business dealings with prisoners
10.Officers not to be interested in prison-contracts
12.Records to be kept by Superintendent
 Medical Officer
13.Duties of Medical Officer
14.Medical Officer to report in certain cases
15.Report on death of prisoner
17.Jailer to give notice of death of prisoner
18.Responsibility of Jailer
19.Jailer to be present at night
20.Power of Deputy and Assistant Jailers
 Subordinate Officers
21.Duties of gate-keeper
22.Subordinate officers not to be absent without leave
23.Convict officers
 Chapter IV : Admission, Removal and Discharge of Prisoners
24.Prisoners to be examined on admission
25.Effects of prisoners
26.Removal and discharge of prisoners
 Chapter V : Discipline of Prisoners
27.Separation of prisoners
28.Association and segregation of prisoners
29.Solitary confinement
30.Prisoners under sentence of death
 Chapter VI : Food, Clothing and Bedding of Civil and Unconvicted Criminal Prisoners
31.Maintenance of certain prisoners from private sources
32.Restriction on transfer of food and clothing between certain prisoners
33.Supply of clothing and bedding to civil and unconvicted criminal prisoners
 Chapter VII : Employment of Prisoners
34.Employment of civil prisoners
35.Employment of criminal prisoners
36.Employment of criminal prisoners sentenced to simple imprisonment
 Chapter VIII : Health of Prisoners
37.Sick prisoners
38.Record of directions of Medical Officer
 Chapter IX : Visits to Prisoners
40.Visits to civil and unconvicted prisoners
41.Search of visitors
 Chapter X : Offences in relations to Prisons
42.Penalty for introduction or removal of prohibited articles into or from prison and communication with prisoners
43.Power to arrest for offence under Section 42
44.Publications of penalties
 Chapter XI : Prison Offences
45.Prison offences
46.Punishment of such offences
47.Plurality of punishment under Section 46
48.Award of punishment under Sections 46 and 47
49.Punishments to be in accordance with foregoing sections
50.Medical Officer to certify to fitness of prisoner for punishment
51.Entries in punishment-books
52.Procedure on committal of heinous offence
54.Offences by prison subordinates
 Chapter XII : Miscellaneous
55.Extramural custody, control and employment of prisoners
56.Confinement in irons
57.Confinement of prisoners under sentence of transportation in irons
58.Prisoners not to be ironed by Jailer except under necessity
59.Power to make rules
60.Power of local government to make rules
61.Exhibition of copies of rules
62.Exercise of powers of Superintendent and Medical Officer
 Schedule- Enactments repealed



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