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Bare acts > Prisoners Act, 1900 > Section 32


32. Appointment of places for confinement of persons under sentence of imprisonment for life and removal thereto. – (1) The State Government may appoint places within the State to which persons under sentence of imprisonment for life shall be sent; and the State Government, or some officer duly authorized in this behalf by the State Government, shall give orders for the removal of such persons to the places so appointed, except when sentence of imprisonment for life is passed on a person already undergoing imprisonment for life under a sentence previously passed for another offence.

(2) In any case in which the State Government is competent under sub-section (1) to appoint places within the States and to order the removal thereto of persons under sentence of imprisonment for life, the State Government may appoint such places in any other State by agreement with the State Government of that State, and may by like agreement give orders or duly authorise some officer to give orders for the removal thereto of such persons.

State Amendment

Tamil Nadu

In its application to the State of Tamil Nadu, omit Part VII.






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