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Bare acts > Prevention of Black Marketing and Maintenance of Supplies of Essential Commodities Act, 1980 > Section 15


15. Temporary release of persons detained. -(1) The appropriate Government may, at any time. direct that any person detained in pursuance of a detention order may be released for any specified period either without conditions or upon such conditions, specified in the direction as that person accepts and may, it any time, cancel his release.

(2) In directing, the release of any person subsection (1), the appropriate Government may require him to enter into a with or without sureties for the due observance of the conditions specified in the direction.

(3) Any person released under subsection (1) shall Surrender himself at the time and place, and to the authority, specified in the order directing his release or cancelling his release, as the case may be.

(4) If any person fail without sufficient cause to surrender himself in the manner specified in subsection (3), he shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with, both,

(5) If any person released under sub-section (1) fails to fulfil any of the conditions imposed upon him, under the said subsection or in the bond entered into by him, the bond shall be declared to be forfeited and any person bound thereby shall be liable to pay the penalty thereof.





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