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Bare acts > Personal Injuries (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1962 > Section5


5. INFORMATION AS TO EARNINGS. – (l) Where it is necessary, in order to determine the amount of any payment to be awarded under a scheme in respect of any personal injury or personal service injury, to ascertain the earnings of the person injured in respect of any period before he sustained the personal injury or the personal service injury, the Central Government or other authority authorized to make payments under the scheme may, by notice in writing, require-

(a) Any person who was an employer of the injured person during that period; or

(b) Any other person having any knowledge with respect to the financial circumstances of the injured person during that period,

To furnish in accordance with the notice any information in his possession relating to those earnings or circumstances, and to produce to any person specified in the notice any wage books, records or other documents in his possession containing entries with respect to those earnings.

(2) If any person-

(a) Fails to comply with the requirements of any such notice, or

(b) In purported compliance with any such notice, knowingly or recklessly makes any untrue statement or untrue representation, or produces any document, which is false in a material particular or calculated to deceive,

He shall be punishable with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees.





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